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Asbestos removal south dakota

Prairie Environmental Consulting offers the following services for commercial and residential building owners:

  • Asbestos Abatement

  • Asbestos Inspection & Project Planning and Consultation

  • Mold Inspection & Project Planning and Consultation

  • Lead Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment

  • Methamphetamine Testing

  • Specialty Indoor Air Quality Testing and Ventilation Testing

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vermiculite asbestos inspection south dakota



Vermiculite is commonly found in wall cavities and attics of older homes (built before 1980).  If vermiculite is discovered, residents should contact an asbestos inspector to sample and test the material to see if it contains asbestos.  The material should not be distrubed until it is tested.  Samples can only legally be taken by a certified asbestos inspector.  Vermiculite sampling is challenging, because of the way the asbestos settles over time.  The link below provides more information about vermiculite, from the EPA website.

meth residue.jpg


Methamphetamine contamination in residential houses has become a significant issue over the past five to ten years. Unseen methamphetamine contamination can make entire families sick if it is not identified and cleaned properly. Prairie Environmental Consulting has the ability and expertise to conduct methamphetamine sampling and clean methamphetamine-contaminated properties. 

Asbestos Inspection South Dakota Iowa
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