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Lead-Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment in South Dakota

Who Should Be Concerned About Lead-Based Paint?


If you are a new home buyer purchasing a house constructed before 1978, or even a renter about to sign a lease for a residence built before 1978, Jason Biggins of Prairie Environmental Consulting, LLC is trained and certified to assess the presence and potential risk of lead exposure.


Lead paint was most commonly used between 1920-1960, but it does appear frequently in residences built between 1960-1978 as well.  

Lead-Based Paint on a Window

XRF testing 

Lead-Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment Services


Jason Biggins is certified to conduct the following services related to lead paint inspection and risk assessment:

  • XRF testing of painted or stained materials

  • Soil Testing

  • Drinking Water Testing

  • Clearance Visual Inspections and Dust Wipe Sampling - post-renovation sampling

  • TCLP Lead Leaching Sampling - representative sampling of demolition debris

  • Full HUD-compliant Lead Inspection - complete inspection of all surfaces for lead

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